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Tortive Lit is a part of Tortive Theatre and grew out of our international writing competitions and championing of new theatrical work and fiction. 

Tortive Lit grew at such an astonishing rate that our small team couldn't cope with the volume of stories and new work being created and as victims of our own success we decided to take a break to regroup and come up with a sustainable plan to champion writers, new work and publications. 

While still a part of Tortive Theatre, Tortive Lit has its own home in the world through this site and we're reinvigorated in our quest to give a home to new stories. 


Find out more about the titles we have published and find plays to perform for your group, class or theatre company.


We started our journey with a single competition that grew into an international community. We're bringing our competitions back. Find out more here. 


We are currently working on a programme of courses and workshops for everyone from first-time scribblers through to experienced wordsmiths.

Find out more here.

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Latest Publications


By Roger Bonner

This one act, mystery-thriller from Roger Bonner is a perfect two-hander for any play festival and keeps the audience guessing right until the last minute.


By William Douglas

Written in 2011 but not performed in 2024, this dark tragedy is a two-person play perfect for theatre festivals and drama groups looking for a challenging and twisted tale to tell.


By T.G Hofman

A one-woman biopic of infamous Pirate Queen and scourge of the seven seas, Anne Bonny. First staged at the Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham.  

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