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A Picture of 'Elf takes the audience on a surprising journey into the life of Doctor Nicholas Moroz, a therapist who is about to go on a long-awaited vacation. However, his plans take an unexpected turn when a young man dressed as an elf named Bobo arrives for a therapy session. Moroz, initially skeptical and dismissive of Bobo, quickly realises that there is more to this meeting than meets the eye.


As Moroz delves deeper into the session, he uncovers Bobo's struggles as a professional elf and the profound disillusionment he feels towards his job. Bobo's raw honesty forces Moroz to confront his own cynicism and reflect on the true meaning of joy. The session takes a surreal turn when Bobo seems to know personal details about Moroz's past, sparking questions about the nature of their connection.


This thought-provoking play explores themes of identity, purpose, and the pursuit of happiness. As the unlikely duo navigates their session, they both confront their own preconceptions and discover unexpected truths about themselves and the true meaning of Christmas.


This heartwarming and poignant story challenges readers to examine their own perspectives and the importance of empathy in a world that often values materialistic joy over genuine connection.


The play can be adapted to suit any gender of cast.


This script is available as in both print and Kindle editions.


This is a downloadable EPUB document that can be read on almost all digital devices using a variety of free programmes. The most popular programmes are listed below. 


Adobe Digital Editions (Mac OS & Windows)

Kobo App (Mac OS & Windows)

iBooks (Mac OS)

Google Play Books (Android)

Kindle (All devices)

A Picture of 'Elf

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