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In Confirmation: Justify or Fail a group of young people gathers in a sterile waiting room after completing Part One of a Confirmation Test. As they engage in casual conversations, tensions rise, and secrets begin to unravel. Rebecca and Sam, among others, share their achievements and discuss the test's simplicity. However, Ruth suggests that the test goes beyond mere information and questions its purpose.


The arrival of a new group sparks further discussions, including awkward banter about birthdays and the nature of their parents' activities during a particular time of the year. Ruth's concerns about the consequences of failing the test raise suspicions, while others dismiss her claims. As the play progresses, personal beliefs and fears collide, revealing the complexities of societal expectations and the individual's struggle to conform.


Nominated for seven awards when it premiered at the Worcestershire Theatre Festival in 2015 and winning the festival's coveted Best Original Production Award, Confirmation: Justify or Fail is a thought-provoking exploration of identity, societal pressure, and the pursuit of personal freedom in a world of scrutiny and conformity.


The characters can be adapted suit any gender requirements of a group.


This script is available as in both print and Kindle editions.


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Confirmation: Justify or Fail

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