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On the 12th December 2015 a body of a 60 – 70-year-old man was found on the Chew Track from Dovestone Reservoir in the Peak District National Park. The man was lying down and appeared to be resting with his arms across his chest. When Detectives arrived at the scene, they suspected that he had not died of natural causes. Detective Sergeant John Coleman saw the body and said;


“It appeared to me that the male had sat down and had taken the conscious decision to lie backwards.” 


Only the following items were found on this man’s body.


- £130 in £10 notes.


- Train tickets for his final journey


- An empty medicine bottle emblazoned with Arabic writing.


There was no form of ID, no mobile phone, no bank cards, no credit cards or anything that can be used to identify him.


He was the forty-second unidentified body found in the UK in 2015.


William Douglas presents a one-act play of the man's last moments as he struggles to come to terms with the life he has led and tries to convince himself that he is not the monster his life created. Perfect for one act play festivals or as part of a scratch night, this play is simple to stage and perfect for a small companies and teams. 


This script is available as in both print and Kindle editions.


This is a downloadable EPUB document that can be read on almost all digital devices using a variety of free programmes. The most popular programmes are listed below. 


Adobe Digital Editions (Mac OS & Windows)

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